According to the American Medical Association, stress is the cause of 70 to 80% of all illnesses and disease. Stress is a contributing factor in everything from cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome to heart disease, digestive problems and depression. When the body is under constant stress or pain all body systems including immune digestive and nervous system are compromised.

We are so used to pushing ourselves to our limits and ignore the early warning signs like neck and shoulder pain, insomnia reoccurring colds and flues. One day the body will have enough and will give us something more serious like heart attack or cancer.

Why choosing mobile Massage service?

After a mobile massage you can stay relaxed. No driving or sitting in traffic after your deeply relaxing treatment.This will enhance the benefits of your massage.
Regular mobile massages release physical, mental and emotional stress. The body is able to deeply relax and let go and is able to repair and rejuvenate again and will help to stay in good health.

Just imagine…lying on the massage table, soothing music, beautiful scent and your massage therapist skillfully working your muscles and you feel all tension just melt away. You’re vaguely noticing the heavenly scalp massage drifting into total bliss…

 Aromatherapy /Relaxation Massage: 60minutes $95,

A deeply relaxing massage with long relaxing strokes and gentle kneading at areas of tension. We help you to release sore shoulders and neck with a very enjoyable massage.

Remedial Mobile Massage : 60minutes $95,

A massage technique that releases chronic and longstanding neck, back or shoulder pain. Aids recovery after injuries and recovery from intense physical exercise. We use a combination of deep tissue, cross fibre techniques  and soft tissue manipulation to aid recovery.

Pregnancy Massage : 60minutes $95

Wonderful relaxing massage for the mum to be. Releases pain in lower back, makes legs feel lighter and creates a feeling of wellbeing. We use only pregnancy save oils to further enhance relaxation and wellbeing.

Swedish Massage : 60minutes $95

A relaxing massage with long relaxing strokes. Stimulating the lymphatic system, eliminating toxins from the connective tissue, aids the improvement of cellulite.

Hot Rock Massage: 60minutes $95,

A deeply relaxing massage that melts away tension from the mind and body, taking you into a deeply relaxing healing state. The heat of the rocks helps the muscle to release and soften longstanding tension quicker, whilst using deep massage movements. A beautiful warming treatment to escape the winter chill.


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